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Base price for a custom made bamboo fly rod tube is $500. This is for a 36” long tube with colored striping that attempts to match the silk thread on your custom bamboo rod. It includes laser engraving. Longer tubes and other custom options will be quoted individually

Delivery Time

Please allow 60-90 days for normal orders and delivery.


While I specialize in bamboo fly rod tubes, almost any wood can be used for construction. Pricing may change due to the type of wood used, construction issues, or exotic wood species.


Each rod tube is individually hand made specifically for your individual fly rod. I need the length of the longest section of your dismantled rod. I also need the minimum diameter of what your dismantled rod pieces in their respective sock will fit through or into. Tube diameters are limited to 1¾” inside diameter and 1 3/8” inside diameter. Please carefully consider the bulk of your rod sock when determining the tube diameter.

End Caps

The screwed end cap may be of either gold or silver colored aluminum.

Overall Care

FishtailFlyRodTubes are meant to be an art piece to compliment your custom made bamboo fly rod. While they are fully functional, they are individually hand made and cannot be easily repaired or replaced.


I require 50% of the agreed upon price due at the time of the order. The remaining 50% is due at completion but prior to shipping. Shipping, handling, and insurance will be provided at no additional charge to the buyer.